27 May 15:00-16:00

Welcome to a BIOZE presentation

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Discover an innovative digital mapping tool to support dialogue and planification of biogas plants!

The Interreg European project Bioze presents its results through a demonstration of a prototype of this tool, to collect your feedback as a local authority, climate officer, biogas stakeholder, researcher, etc.

EU-project Bioze present results and focus on demonstrating a digital prototype of a collaboration tool for planning of renewable energy focusing on biogas plants. 

Join us of are interested in:

  • Public servant for example spacial planning 
  • Biogas usage in transport, industry and shipping
  • Biogas producer as a company, farm or similar (existing and potential) 
  • Actor in the green transition 


Johannes Flacke
Professor, ITC, University of Twente

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Magnus Kuschel
(PhD) Innovation lead, Innovatum Science Park

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What is BIOZE?

BIOZE stands for BIOmass skills for Net Zero and will run for 18 months from november 2022.

Working at the local level, the project will improve governance of the use of biomass to drive green transition by strengthening the capacities of local authorities to engage and collaborate with citizens and bioenergy stakeholders.

All EU members are aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050 and an increase of their energy production among recent tensions with Russia. In the National Energy and Climate Plan (2020), Member States plan for 2030 an overall increase in the use of biomass for bioenergy : a boost of 18% for power and 10% for heating.Across the North Sea Region, there is a high degree of heterogeneity in the use of bioenergy as a source of electricity and renewable gas production, and bioenergy is still a small player in the market compared to fossil fuels, but has enormous growth potential.